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18 Nov 2013

Lenski's basic approach to evolution involves being cruel to E. coli. The organism evolved to survive in the rich environment of our guts and, for many generations, it has all its nutritional needs seen to by the media scientists provide it. Lenski put them on a starvation diet, with only enough glucose to get them through a few cell divisions.

That's my top complaint: I like to track my progress right from the device, vs. from my phone. But for the price savings, you might be able to live with it. Overall, it's a solid smart pedometer that can help you stay on your weight-loss track without breaking the bank. You can wear the device in three different ways, and the battery lasts up to four to six months, compared with just four to 10 days of life for most competing products.

10 tips for fitness gadgets to fight holiday indulgences

"Although his diagnosis has "anemia" in it, he is really suffering from a bone marrow failure disease, which is not the same as being anemic,'' Owen's mother, Kathleen, wrote in an email. "Unlike being anemic, which is typically treated with diet changes and iron supplements, Owen is battling a life-threatening disease.'' For every dollar raised for Owen in the days leading up to the event, the members of Crossfit Jersey City at 109 Christopher Columbus Drive committed to doing one burpee -- a strenuous full-body exercise combining a squat, a push-up and a jump. It took about two arduous hours for the group to collectively do 12,245 burpees, matching the same number of dollars they raised to offset medical expenses for Owen. "(The money we raised) is just a little bit," said Mike Gallant, the owner of Crossfit Jersey City, who was wearing a red T-shirt with "DELETE BLOOD CANCER" printed in white across the front. "We're just happy to contribute." A table was set up at the fitness center for people to register themselves as potential donors in the National Bone Marrow Registry.

is great for clients to record their food intake. "It's easy to use, helps them understand what their diet currently consists of, and allows me to show them patterns they could see page change to improve their daily nutrition," he says. The biggest selling point, though, is the capability to link nutritional reports to his email address. "This way, every morning I receive their nutritional data, whether they filled it out or not," Durbin says. "This constant contact helps me intervene early and consistently, making their progress much faster ...


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