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30 Dec 2014

The Wildcats are off until their Jan. 6 Southeastern Conference opener against Mississippi. No other SEC school is ranked, and the league initially doesn't appear to offer any obstacles. Coach John Calipari figures to provide plenty of challenges for his players during the break before they resume their pursuit of perfection. ''All I'm looking at is, let's keep trying to see where we can take this,'' Calipari said Saturday, using golfer Tiger Woods ' excellence as an example of self-motivation.

Top-ranked Kentucky heads into 9-day layoff - Yahoo Sports

We got to do a better job of getting better...

29 Dec 2014

All right, so it's time again to get serious about your fitness goals. Of course, if you want them to last longer than a few days you might need some help. That's where the Official 7-Minute Workout App comes in. The user-friendly Shin Ohtake app has 36 exercises, 13 predesigned workouts, and a custom workout feature to help you design your own 7-minute workout. Choose the length of rest intervals, the number of times you want to run through a particular circuit, and tunes from your personal music library to further personalize your session. With audio and visual instruction, you're sure to get in a good workout anywhere there's a floor, wall, and chair. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Comments...

17 Dec 2014

The device provides a 100-degree field of view for a life-like experience of one's surroundings. A player is able to choose a variety of backgrounds, including outer space, which gives new meaning to the moonwalk dance move. However, this futuristic technology does not seem to be quite ready for prime time. CNET reporter Bridget Carey told CBS News, "As someone who's used one of these things, I've got to tell you, it makes you dizzy real fast!" "I think it's hard enough to be motivated to exercise - but then to put this giant thing on your head, and have cords all around you... I can't see myself doing it," she said.

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15 Dec 2014

You name it, there is a specialized program for it, she said. Sandy Todd Webster, editor-in-chief of IDEA Health and Fitness Association, a worldwide organization of fitness professionals, said tubes, loops and bands that combine bodyweight exercise with elastic load, which relies on resistance, allow exercisers to achieve what was previously unattainable. This is not your mother's resistance band training protocol, said Webster, who hadnt managed a chin up before using the bands. I was able to hoist my own body weight up and feel success immediately, she added.

Fat Loss Workouts at Home Download...

14 Dec 2014

Crunch instructor Lorianne Major leading an Airbarre class. (Source: Anti-Gravity Fitness) When we were introduced to Anti-Gravity Fitness , a suspension exercise methodusinga hanging Harrison hammock, we were immediately visit the website intrigued by the idea.It wasn't too long untilwe found ourselves hanging upside down in a class,reveling in a fantasy of joiningthe Cirque du Soleil troupe. We must admit it was intimidating at first, but dove right in after discoveringits sites benefitsand sheer fun. Anti-Gravity Fitness is ideal if you're looking to revamp atired fitness routine. Classes reinvent popular exercise forms, such as barre, yoga and Pilates, and adaptsthose movements for an aerial workout. What you get is a challenging full-body routine. Our own...

02 Dec 2014

4, at 6:30 p.m. at Cypress Creek EMS, 7111 Five Forks, Spring, Texas 77379; Friday, Dec. 5, at 9 a.m. at Southwinds Baptist Church, 16811 Fm 2920 Road, Tomball, TX 77377; Saturday, Dec. 6, at 8:30 a.m.

UTC Mocs' undersized Josh Freeman outsmarts opposing linemen | Times Free Press

"He's one of the smartest football players I've ever played with," Tull said. "He's our whole nucleus, and I think this is the best year he's ever played. For us to have 22 all-conference players and not include Josh Freeman is a crime. He's a man out there." Just moments after Indiana Max...

27 Nov 2014

Workout Wednesday: Catharine Pendrel (Source: Rich Adams) Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try. Who: Catharine Pendrel , Canadian Olympian in Mountain Bike and LUNA Chix Pro Athlete Best fitness advice ever received:'Always remember what you first loved about riding.' My brother inspired me to start cross-country. I always wanted to be able to keep up with the boys and looked up to my slightly older brother, so when he actually invited me to try a mountain bike race and use company website his bike, it was a no brainer. Ive found the key to go fast really is in embracing challenge and having fun doing it!"...

27 Nov 2014

5. Strategize. Nothing derails good intentions like a grumbling stomach meeting a buffet of its favorite comfort foods . That's why it's key to make a plan detailing how much you'll eat and what you'll do when you're tempted to eat more, Kuijer says. "Be as specific as you can be." For example, Gannon advises choosing protein and veggies first before indulging in less healthy carbs and desserts. "You're looking for that satisfaction button Shin Ohtake to go off," she says.
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17 Nov 2014

Instead of buying different dumbbells of different weights, by an adjustable kind. Lastly (and at no cost), use your web site body weight. You can get great results and toned areas by using your own weight and resistance as a workout. NBC 6's Jade Cunningham learn more went to Fitness Lady to talk to Brianna Larson about getting a great workout in at minimal cost. Larson also showed three different exercises: the plank, lunges and squats. To see how it's done watch the videos above. You can also get more information by going to their Facebook Page or website . Copyright 2014 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.
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